Usage Statistics

Track trends, evaluate usage, and generate and share reports with CloudSource’s simple yet powerful reporting tool.

Data-Driven Insights

Monitor content use. Make data-driven decisions. CloudSource offers granular usage statistics that allow you to quickly and effectively convey subscription value to colleagues and stakeholders. 

Output Formats

Pull reports at the Platform, Title, or Item level, with output in the latest COUNTER format (5.0.2), and choose from the below options when exporting your data:

Excel Workbook (.xlsx)​

Tab-delimited (.tsv)

Comma-delimited (.csv)

Refine Your Results

Fine-tune reports to be as broad or as granular as you need with ample search filters, including the year of publication, data type, metric type, access type, begin and end dates, and the option to include or exclude monthly details.

Two people viewing reports on a laptop.