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Collections Analysis

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Collection Analysis

The move towards open access is growing at an exponential rate. Much of the best content is currently published open access and by 2040, it is expected that ALL journal article publications will be open access. 

A recent analysis revealed that 61% of content in one of the industry’s most popular multidisciplinary databases is open access. That means that more than half of your paid subscription database could be comprised of free content. And even if an open access article is more relevant to a search, it may not appear at the top of a results list because content vendors often prioritize their proprietary sources in search results. 

By analyzing your subscription content, we help your library shift its whole approach to managing its electronic resources and in most cases can show you how to save up to 30% on your current subscriptions.

What you get:

With our Free Collection Analysis, you can see how CloudSource saves your library money, improves customer service, and provides more access to the most cited journals published today. 

  • A PDF summary of how OA content is represented in your library’s collections 
  • An extensive Excel report detailing OA publication rates by journal title 
  • Graphics showing how adding Open Access coverage can impact access by discipline 

Check out this sample to see what other libraries have received in their analyses!