CloudSource is a new content and discovery services platform that enables libraries to change their whole approach 

to managing electronic resources.

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What is CloudSource?

CloudSource is a new platform that enables libraries to change their whole approach to managing electronic resources. Libraries can improve customer service, provide broader access, and save money by promoting Open Access (OA) content rather than using it as a fallback when a paid version of desired content is not available.

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CloudSource Platform Components

What’s the User Experience?

Users search the CloudSource index through SirsiDynix’s Enterprise Discovery, so the library’s physical and electronic collections can be searched simultaneously. The CloudSource search in Enterprise includes support for Boolean and truncated searching techniques. SirsiDynix works with libraries to determine the preferred styling for the results display—tabs, bento, or rivers. For sites using other discovery toolsor with no discovery at all—the branded discovery interface is included, along with our assistance in integrating with your current environment.

Collection Analysis

A recent analysis revealed that 69% of scholarly content in one of the industry’s most popular multidisciplinary databases is open access. That means that almost three quarters of your paid subscription databases could be comprised of free content. Further, CloudSource OA can expand your current digital collections by tens of millions of resources from peer-reviewed, high-impact journals at very affordable rates.

By analyzing your subscription content, we help your library shift its whole approach to managing its electronic resources and can show you how to save on your current subscriptions.

Tools and Services

CloudSource not only aggregates global metadata for digital resources, but also leverages smart tools that enrich the metadata using multiple quality, vetted sources. The end result is a comprehensive eResource management solution that provides libraries with aggregated open- and closed-access content, including: